Introducing the new

Ford Kuga


If you find yourself falling in love and inexplicably attracted to the new Ford Kuga, it's because, I'm reliably informed, the car's frontal design was inspired by the male form. Rugged, strong shoulders, a ripped torso and those V lines that fall straight down to the... Ford badge.


Ok, not sure why I’m getting hot and flustered about a car, maybe it’s because it’s my first time, reviewing a Ford or maybe it’s because I’ve never been with a Kuga before... but what the hell while in Kuga Town... What's the Kuga got for me? (I hear you scream excitedly at your screen.) A good question, behind the seductive, sleek lines of the Kuga growls an even sexier beast, this Kuga is a bit of a tough, rough animal, which comes to life no matter where you drive it. Robust, masculine and with bags of attitude, Ford have truly made an exceptional car. If the Kuga was a man, I’d say he was a keeper, the kind you show off to your friends and take home to show to Mother.


From the glacial far reaches of Lapland to the sweltering deserts of Dubai, this car has been tested for all of life's adventures, and hides on board some staggering new technologies that could save your life as well as your back.


This car will park itself, place phone calls, read texts, play your music, warn you if someone's in your blind-spot, keep you inside your lane, tell you when you're looking tired, stop itself - if you're about to have a collision, call the emergency services (using the language of the country you're in) if you are involved in an accident and opens the tailgate with the wave of a foot (we're not kidding). So let me explain, imagine if you will, your hands are full of Louis Vuitton luggage (go on stretch the imagination), and the ‘help’ is nowhere to be seen, it’s raining, and you don’t want to set your precious cargo on the muddy floor (even if it is last season), well the Kuga, sensing that you have the key fob on you, will open its tailgate, if you do a ‘shuffle ball change’ under its rear bumper. Honest to goodness. Check out the pictures on the picture page. It was love at first jazz move.


This car is literally bursting with gadgets, gizmos and goodies. This car is seriously more intelligent that you (maybe) and compatible with almost every bluetooth enabled phone imaginable. Once your phone is paired with the car, your phonebook and music library will be downloaded into the car's brain - making it easy for you to keep in touch on the go. Everything about the Kuga is “premium” - we were told at the press launch - I just think it was bloody lush (Listen, Jeremy Clarkson uses that word all the time to describe cars). Whether the car is premium or not, it feels safe and futuristic. The inside central console looks like something out of Star Trek and you get the feeling that even David Hasselhoff might have traded Kit for Kuga if given the option.


The new Kuga is the king of space, although only 81mm longer than the previous model, the car is roomy, it has more head room and leg room and space enough for three adults in the back. Yes I can testify, I sat in the back with some journo pals whilst testing out the Kuga in Valencia, Spain. Why Valencia? Well it's the birth place of every new Kuga sold in Europe. Yes that’s right each and every Kuga is lovingly made right here in Europe.


We drove a 2.0 TDCI Powershift, (if you're looking blankly at the screen asking what that means - it's a powerful automatic) The ride was solid and those clever design people at Ford have ensure that everything about the Kuga is a sensory delight, from the soft, handcrafted leather seats to the huge double sun roof, which let the Spanish winter sun pour in.  Even the sleek key fob design makes me drool a little (I am not normal).  


So the next time you see a man waving his foot at his boot, check the badge, it's probably the smartest car in the lot- The Ford Kuga.


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